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I speak for the trees.
let them grow, let them grow.
1st-Jan-2015 01:23 am(no subject)
Dharma & Greg Good Morning Kiss
24th-Dec-2007 07:10 am - Merry Christmas!
Dharma & Greg Good Morning Kiss
For the holidays, if you're feeling charitable, here is a list of organisations I support and work with and have great faith in. If you could take a look at these and see if there's anything at all you could do, It'd make me very MERRY (GET IT!?)

LaTeva Nolad (Born to the Wild) is the first, and only, Israeli Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre. It operates relentlessly, similarly to Wildlife Aid below, to rectify man's harm to wildlife. I volunteer at the hospital, and know the founder of the hospital personally and can tell you ALL donations go DIRECTLY to the animals. Unlike NSALA and The Humane Society below, which need donations always but are backed by their national public, LaTeva Nolad is in DESPERATE need of donations to keep it going. This sounds like I'm hinting at a specific charity, but I'm really not; I just know the centre well, and I know how bad the situation is.

Wildlife Aid is a British charity that helps injured and orphaned wildlife. Maybe even more admirable than their actual work (12,00 animals saved a year) is their view and motto--they don't interfere with nature, and only try to rectify the damage man does to the wild. You can become a member of Wildlife Aid, purchase a variety of merchandise, adopt a rescued animal, or donate as much you can. Wildlife Aid is currently in crisis since food companies have stopped their support of the centre, a devastating blow to the hospital.

The North Shore Animal League Ameica is the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. It's also home to a Humane Education program. You can help by donating or adopting any pet, as well as signing up.
Although they are not a no-kill organisation, I also support the (very vast) efforts of The Humane Society of the United States that does excellent work with advocating for a better social policy for animals.

Medecins Sans Frontieres is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 70 countries. It operates here in Israel as well and I have seen it in action and it is overwhelmingly wonderful.

Heifer International needs little introduction; it's taking an active part in ending world hunger. You can buy shares (or an entire gift!) to provide a family with a source of living, food, and a sense of respect.

Lastly, Save Darfur is a coalition inspiring action to put a stop to the slaughter in Darfur, Sudan. Here, even signing your name is an action--even if you wanted to only wish me a Merry Christmas, it'd take you just as long to sign up.

ETA:I am stupid and forgot to post a link to the Save the Albatross campaign. The problem here isn't so much money, though I know BirdLife is always in need of donations, but rather awareness. Wandering Albatrosses are my favourite bird, and they're facing the verge of extinction over something that can be fixed fairly easily. I'd really appreciate it if you could go and have a look and see the kind of problems albatrosses have at the moment, how we can help them, and maybe pass the link along to your friends?

Thank you. :)

CLARIFICASHUNS: I don't mean to put pressure on anyone to do anything, to get me anything, to donate anything if they feel that they can't. I'm aware not everyone is in the financial state I'm in. Also, I firmly believe and know that at three of the founders of the charities I listed above (Igal Horovitz, LaTeva Nolad; Simon Cowell, Wildlife Aid; Ben Sulliven, BirdLife) also believe that any action for a cause is a useful and admirable one. Passing on the links of these sites to your friends and family would be a HUGE action to take, and would make me very happy as well.
19th-Oct-2007 12:33 am(no subject)
animals penguin and bebeh
In addition to the serious subject matter of the previous post, I geeve you:


I'm flah-eeing hiiiigh, deFOOOOYING gravityyy!

(cat in the back sez: muzeek iz not likely kareer, lulz)


2. Brynie's version of everyone's beloved "My Favourite Things" from the everlasting musical The Sound of Music as she sang it in today's lesson:

Cream-coloured strudels with doorbells and poodels*
White paper packages tied up with noodles
Winters that fly with a goose on their wings
These are a few of my favourite things;

Girls in white dresses with ice cream and sashes
Cornflakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes
Wild geese that--oh, wait, I said geese--I like my... shins
These are a few of my favourite things!

When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
When I'm feeling blue
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel--wait, I said the wrong thing, didn't I? Aw, Cocksucker--like glue.**

*more like Sweeney Todd than Sound of Music really
**yes, that is a direct quote

I don't know about you, but that's how I'm singing it from now on!

Mmm, cornflakes.
18th-Oct-2007 10:50 pm(no subject)
animals Wildlife Aid Sara compassion

A lot of people have a lot of ideas about how I grew up and where and who should do what. Boundaries here, forces there, fences, wars, agreements. I know for sure that a lot of people are smarter than I am, but I also think only Israelis and Palestinians know what it's like to grow up like this. Under the always present threat of immediate violence, even it's drowned sometimes in the buzz of laptops and coffee shops, nothing feels the same; noises are perceived differently, people are seen differently, and reality is twisted.

I've been a member of OneVoice for 3 years. I've been called naive a lot, but I've also seen 10,000 people rally for peace on the war-torn ground of Ramallah. I know how the children grow up there with hatred and how the children grow up here with a misplaced sense of constant terror, so I know that 250,000 people screaming, begging for peace, is a reality. We don't have to love each other or like each other. We have to live together, if we want to live.

Today, October 18, was supposed to a big day for OneVoice: simultaneous rallies for peace were meant to take place in Jericho, Tel-Aviv, Washington DC, London and Ottawa. More than one million people were meant to gather, but the Jericho event was cancelled after threats were received from terrorist groups. Tel Aviv event orginisers decided to cancel as well, out of solidarity.

They throw it in our faces. They say that we should have known. All this means is that we're just not done yet. This war will end, and two nations will be formed on this land. The only question is, how much blood will be shed until they do?

I'm asking for your help, if you believe in the cause and the way: speak out for peace. Visit http://www.onemillionvoices.org, make a pledge, and let your voice be heard.

To learn more about OneVoice, a grassroots movement which aims to empower the moderate majority of the Israeli and Palestinian people, please visit the movement's home page.

ETA: The UK, USA and Canada events are still taking place. Take a look at this page. If there's a gathering where you are, and you can join it, then I really hope that you do.
28th-Sep-2007 12:59 am(no subject)
House Huddy hug

I did the friends cut. Dun dun dunnnn. Someone emailed me very offended saying she didn't see the original post and so did not comment, so please to go be checking if maybe you were cut by mistakes also. Just tell me and I'll put you right back but quick! If not, you can defriend me back and we can all frolic along! Cause, who doesn't like to frolic.
25th-Sep-2007 08:29 am - friends cut
Lisa Cropped
Okay. I've given this a LOT of thought, and talked about it with two very smart people, and even though I feel really guilty about it, I want to make a friends cut. I think it's just better for everyone. I feel limited here and I think that's not the point. Things have happened lately that make it a little more complicated and I want it all done in good spirits. Really. So if you want to stay, just comment, okay? Some of you are staying even if you comment saying you want to GO. =D Comments are screened and really, truly, no hard feelings at all. I want this to be comfortable for everyone. As Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas says, no drama, no, no, no drama.


I can't pull that off.

P.S CATHERINE! Re: belting: Download this. It's No Good Deed from Wicked. Hear her crazy Fiyerrroooooo!!!!!!!!? I belt'd that yesterday. AHHHN!

(and anyone else who wants to download it, do! Super fun angry song. Oh Idina.)
13th-Sep-2007 05:06 am(no subject)
animals the cuteness

When I can't sleep,
And thoughts are coming and going,
I sit on my bed and count sheep.
The herd jumps over my head and disappears behind my back,
And every sheep that goes by looks just like
The sheep that was there before him.
(or her.)
First sheep and second sheep,
Third sheep and fourth sheep,
Balls of fluff, all alike.
The eighth sheep goes by,
The ninth.

But when the sixteenth sheep comes by
I know that he'll stop and walk around in my room,
and I know that this sheep will stay
and that it has no interest in going along with the herd.

I whisper to him, "Sheep, move. Give me a chance once to
count them all."
But he won't move
And the sixteenth sheep is usually
the sheep that I fall asleep with.

Sweet dreams, a restful, soft night
It's getting late and tomorrow we'll wake up and see
How the day always returns at the end of each nighttime.
Darkness has fallen with might
Only the moon is still shining with its yellow light.
A cricket is chirping its chirp, sings:
Good night.

Shana Tovah.
Dharma & Greg Good Morning Kiss
So, it's French Cinema Weekend on channel 1, and I just watched the most beautiful movie. Sandrine Bonnaire has been a long time favourite actress of mine, since Est-Quest in 1999. I think she really is sort of the quintessential French actress, of the kind of French cinema I adore; subtle, nuanced, allegorical, the kind that uses frame composition and images in lieu of unnecessary words. So I was sitting with my parents in the living room tonight and we happened to land upon a film I have heard of but never got to watch: it's called L'Equipier, which I think is translated to English as "The Light", and if you can get your hands on it, I HIGHLY recommend it. It reminded me very much of The Shipping News, with hope and love in unlikely places, and the imagery is amazing--like seeing a really good book come to life. I do think it's based on a book, and if I can get a hold of it I'll read it; I wouldn't mind trying to read in French, even, if it wasn't translated. It's about time I should read a book in French. I'm considering taking some lessons so I can be more fluent. Anyway, watch the film if you can; if not for the imagery, brilliant direction, subtle dialogue and stunning cinematography, then for this:


PS -

14th-Jun-2007 04:13 am - Two posts in van daee, vat's dis
Kristin Bewitched
Guys, please sign this. Ivory trade may well be allowed again which would wound the wild elephant population fatally. It's free and easy and it'll take you about a second. Just speak up. Please.


22nd-Mar-2007 01:45 am - help!
Dharma & Greg Good Morning Kiss
Peoples of musical theatre inclination!

I have a meeting with the musical director of the HUMTW Monday and I need a song. They want me to do a solo on the review. Recommendz? I don't know much about the definitions, but Brynie says mezzo-soprano or alto. I was toying with the notion of "If (You Hadn't But You Did)", which I can do well and it does look great on stage, but the possibility of me fogetting lyrics is way too likely. Plus I want backup songs even if I do work on it with Paul. So? As many suggestions as possible plz!
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